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Property Public Records

What are property public records and just exactly how can they help you? Well, you’re in luck because this article aims to explain how you can benefit by checking out property public records – and how to go about this process.

Have you seen a piece of property that caught your eye? Is it a house that you wish to rent? Is it a lot that you wish to build your own house in? Or is it a building that you wish to lease for business purposes? Well, how are you going to get any of the things you wish to do if you don’t know who the owner of the property is, how much it costs, and what features it offers? In order to help you solve your problem, you need to turn to property public records.

Knowing who the owner of a particular piece of property is need not involve any illegal act. In fact, in this country, this is considered a matter of public record, which means that the public has access to the information – and this access is given in the form of the property public records. By checking out these records, you can find out who owns the property that you fancy. Once you do, you can make plans to contact this person and cook up a possible deal to get what you want: the property in question. Or you may wish to find out more about the property (the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, in case it’s a house or how much a land of its size costs in the market these days, in case it’s a piece of lot).

Of course, when you check the property public records, you need to know specifically what property you’re looking for. You can’t just describe the color of the roof or the names of the plants on the front yard. You need to know in which county this piece of property is located. The city hall or the town hall of where the property is located can help you with this. This bit of information is vital to ensure an accurate search.

Once you find out to which county the property belongs, you must then visit that county’s official website. The suffix “.gov” is usually attached to the website of most counties. When you’re there, check for the link or button that leads to “Property Public Records” or something similar. If you don’t find it, that means the county is one of many that have yet to make property searches or lookups available online. In this case, you have to turn to the town or city auditor’s official website for help.

Once you’re there, the link or button you need to find is the one for “Property Tax Information” or also known as “Appraisal and Data” in some websites. To narrow your search, key in all bits of info you know, including the permanent parcel number of the property (something the county issues to properties in their domain) as well as the property address. Various tabs will give you access to various data. You can check the property’s appraisal, statistics, and history. Some sites even offer comparable sales to help you do the math and make up your mind.

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