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How to Find Out Who Owns a House

Bet you didn’t know that tips on how to find out who owns a house are easy to find. In fact, you’ve just come to the right page that is teeming with information about how to find out who owns a house.

Not all people know that checking out the owner of a house is not illegal. This is probably the reason why many are rather shy about coming forward and simply saying outright that they want to know who the owner of the house they’re eyeing is. The truth is that their search can become so much easier when they just admit readily that they want to know how to find out who owns a house. This way, they can be helped right away without further ado.

So, how does one go about how to find out who owns a house? This task is known as a matter of public record. This means that is perfectly legal to go on a property search. Such entails the service of a tax assessor, the one person in your town who has the job of evaluating pieces of property, may they be for commercial or residential purposes. Of course, after this person does the assessment on a certain property, that property is entered in what is known as the assessor rolls, a record that simply lists all properties in your town.

People such as you who are on a property search are allowed to take a look at the assessor rolls. That’s why how to find out who owns a house is called a matter of public record, remember? But that’s not all you can do. You can also turn to the deed, commonly also referred to as the title.

Deeds, required by the law itself to be recorded every time there is a sale (and consequential transfer) of real estate property, contain the names of the sellers as well as the buyers. How to find out who owns a house can be achieved by checking the deed of the house you’re interested in. The deed will no doubt contain the house’s history in terms of turnovers, so you can easily find out who now has the rightful title to it. So, where exactly can you find the deed? Generally speaking, deeds can be found at the town office or at the Registry of Deeds (if your town has one).

If how to find out who owns a house via the two-abovementioned methods sound too tiresome for you, then you’d be happy to know that you can have a totally modern approach. You can use the Internet to solve your problem. With a few clicks of the mouse and the right set of keywords, you can find a trustworthy website that will give you the information you need in a jiffy. Note that most websites offering this service do not charge anything at all. The rest that are to be trusted only ask for a minimal fee; others that charge a substantial amount are the ones to stay away from.

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