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Find out who bought this house: doing a property search

Sometimes, just out of curiosity, you want to find out who bought this house. And the need to know would be even more pressing if this was actually a house that you were interested in. If you really want to know who bought this house, there are a couple of things you can. Hopefully when you find out the curiosity would die down and you can move on to your next house of interest.

The first, the simplest, and the easiest thing you can do to find out who bought this house is to ask help from the real estate agent who listed the property. It’s easier to ask when the property just sold because that would mean records are still more up-to-date. However, the multiple listing services that real estate agents have access to keeps records of transactions for several years so you should still find what you’re looking for if the last purchase wasn’t decades ago. If it is though, don’t worry. There’s still a way for you to find out who bought this house even if it hasn’t been in the market for years.

While a little bit more inconvenient, you can go to the local land registry office to ask for property information. Even houses that haven’t been on the market for years or have not been in the market are listed here because every property is recorded at the land registry office. It depends on the land registry office but you may be tasked with searching for the pertinent files on your own. Someone will guide you anyway but the actual browsing and poring over records will have to be your doing. If you’re lucky, you might chance upon a land registry office that has all their records online. This way, you can just access the land registry site to find out who bought this house. Best to search for these sites first so you don’t waste a trip to the land registry office.

Finding out who bought this house should typically be free because listed properties are open for everyone to see, unless the house was not listed, meaning it was a private sale. If this is the case with the house you are so interested in, then you might need a little bit of professional help just to get you to places you normally can’t access. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean anything illegal. You’re just getting someone to do more of the work for you so you get the information you need. Of course, be ready to pay up when the bill arrives. Getting professional help may cost you but it guarantees that you will know who bought this house.

So when you know who bought this house, what will you do? Always remember to use whatever information you have accordingly. If someone got your information, you would want the same. If you have any worries about who bought the house, there’s always a proper venue for that, most especially if it concerns public interest.

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